Success Story

As she progressed from 8th to 9th standard, Sachi’s troubles deepened. She had got into a vicious circle with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The worse she got, the more she hated the subjects and its teachers, the less interested she got in the subjects. 


After trying many other methods, Sachi’s dad (Nitin) experimented with actual, physical flashcards. He started making them out of 250 gsm paper, and getting Sachi to go through them periodically. The deeper Nitin got into it, he realised that the ICSE syllabus was not that easy to cover on paper cards. He started making electronic cards on our macbook and used a software product to run them for Sachi.


After that it was practically smooth sailing! Sachi would revise a chapter and do the flash cards on her own. The number of ‘correct cards’ that she got motivated her. The system made her go through ones that were tough again and again till she was good at it.


From getting anywhere between 25% to 35% in Physics and Chemistry, she pulled herself up to 85% in the 10th standard board exam!


This is what Sachi had to say about her experience –  “Flash cards are so cool – they made my studies simple and fun. I could never have got such good marks without my flash card decks. I hope many other students will benefit by using them”.