Our Story




My daughter Sachi appeared for her ICSE 10th board exam this year. Her struggle with physics and chemistry in 9th and 10th standard prompted this project and our quest for an easy, child friendly way to help her with science subjects led us to flash cards. Unlike many other online learning tools, the flash card method does not attempt to replace the teacher or the tutor. It complements the teacher by providing a highly efficient and effective self-study method for the student.


Conventional flash cards are created on index cards made of thick paper, a process that is very cumbersome and time consuming. My daughter started with paper flash cards, but we had to quickly use technology as we started using the method for more topics. Eventually we settled for an off the shelf software product that we purchased and installed on our computer. Flash cards helped Sachi get comfortable with Physics and Chemistry like never before. The method required her to sit down with a paper and pen and actually write down the answers and check them and make corrections. She was analysing her own work which she had never done before. 


We tried flash cards with our son who loves the subjects but doesn’t like to study! Since the software is interactive, we found him studying and self analysing his weaknesses. 


This was amazing! If this could work for our kids, it could work with for other children as well.


While the off-the-shelf product allowed us to create and run digital flash cards for our children, it suffered from several drawbacks that somewhat limited the utility of the method for our purpose. So we got to work to build flashcardz.in using our collective experiences over the last 1.5 years. The platform we have built provides features and options that are tailored to what a student needs to excel in exams in India. And it comes bundled with high quality content.


We are excited to place flashcardz.in in your hands. We are continuously evolving the platform to create a collaborative ecosystem that will include the student, parent, teacher, and our experts with the single goal of creating a great learning experience that leads to better exam performance.