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The world's smartest self-study method

What is FlashCardz?
It is a tailor made, web based module for Class Xth ICSE & CBSE students. FlashCardz is based on the age old method of revision using flash cards. We have taken this time tested and established method of revision and given it a modern twist. Presented in an easy and lucid style, makes revision an affirmative action for the child.
Why FlashCardz?
Simple Q&A based flash cards, covering the comprehensive syllabus of class 10th, we have over 4500 cards for ICSE & an equal number for CBSE too. Our content covers the last 15 years of board papers, various class tests and text books. The content is updated regularly to stay current, relevant & fresh.
Better Exam Scores
Our students are increasing their exam performance by leaps & bounds! FlashCardz builds self confidence in a child. It assists in a structured method of self study. The software is designed so that a child identifies and marks her own weaknesses, and the software ensures a higher frequency of repetition of the weaker topics.
FlashCardz = Revision
Complements what the child learns in school and practices in tuition classes. FlashCardz makes the self study or revision time of the child more productive by using spaced repetition, active recall & meta cognition. It is the perfect revision companion for a student – asking questions, giving feedback and building confidence!